Category: 1960s

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Charlie D. | Weekdays 6am-10am
I grew up in the down-river community of Southgate in the 60s and 70s and fell in love with the Detroit music scene and radio. Having studied radio, TV, and Film at Eastern Michigan University, I arrived in Northern Michigan in the late 80s and have been on the radio ever since, including the Morning Show on Classic Hits 107.5 for the past 20 years and counting!
Dave Gauthier | Weekdays 10am-3pm
I was born and raised in Traverse City, and I know how lucky I am to be able to live here and work at CCW, the station I grew up listening to.  I moved away a few times after graduation from Traverse City Senior High but realized years ago that this is where I belong and want to be.  I have a wonderful and beautiful wife-Tami Jo- and four excellent and handsome sons-Joseph, Matthew, Aaron, and Christopher.
Rich Nadeau | Weekdays 3pm-7pm
I was born and raised in the downriver area. At the age of 7, my parents told me I was adopted. I said I always suspected and asked if I could meet my real parents. They said we are your real parents; your new ones will be here in 5 minutes to pick you up. My best childhood memories include cruising down to Sterling State Park in Dad’s 1965 Chevy Biscayne while listening to Honey Radio